Part Five–The Final Backdate

We have finally come full circle and with this post, are finally completely up to date on the going ons at Deer Heart Farm.


These last few days have been mostly spent clearing out small trees and brush to improve the fence line as well as exploring the small details of this beautiful new land.







I found this dead tree standing and carefully pulled it down safely so it does not injure someone or cause damage in the future.



It was lousy with bull ants which came rushing out of the rotted bottom and roots (they are impossible to photograph sometimes).


I discovered several patches of this ground lichen. I’m not sure what it’s called exactly but it’s the stuff used to make tiny model trees and bushes. Thankfully the dogs leave it completely alone whenever they see it as I’d like for this stuff to still be around years from now. They look like small grey-green rocks at a distance.



I then found this little critter hanging out on a tree. Don’t worry, I wasn’t stupid enough to touch it. I believe this is the caterpillar of the Southern flannel moth, they are also known as puss caterpillars and they are venomous and sting like heck! If you see these in your garden, do not touch! I simply watched this one go about its business in peace for a while before moving on. Click here for more information on the puss caterpillar and its moth counterpart.