Part Three

As promised, we resume the backlog of information. Sorry, this still isn’t the last of it!

Once we had a fence, then we needed to get the house itself a lot more functional. First, we built a small deck with an enclosure for laundry (there was no room in the house). The deck is built on 6 2x4s sunk in concrete. The plumber/electrician installed everything for the washer and dryer for us, better safe than sorry when both of those things are involved.



Farrah got to be the first to enjoy the deck experience.


Getting close…




Then we got a great deal buying all of our used appliances together; Washer, Dryer, and…


….Oven! I was so tired of microwaving and toasting all of my meals.

I had a roll of cookie dough just waiting for this moment, along with a couple swordfish steaks.

Speaking of preparing all meals in a microwave, while I was without an oven I did quite a bit of experimenting with my microwave.

I will share with y’all my favorite “recipe” I discovered during this time – remember though, microwave oven times DO vary!

It is very cheap, tasty, and filling. I find 2 eggs creates the best balance and serves two quite effectively but you can use 1-3 eggs for this and the instructions would be the same.



You will Need:

  • A Microwave
  • A medium to large sized microwave-safe  bowl (* a covered dish works best)
  • Something to cover your bowl*
  • 1 Packet Ramen (any flavor you prefer)
  • 1-3 eggs (Optional)
  • Water


Break apart your ramen brick in your bowl or place it in your bowl whole if you prefer long noodles, fill your bowl with just enough water to float all of your noodles (about 1” deep).

Cover your bowl and place it in the microwave. Microwave for 3 minutes.

Remove bowl from microwave, stir noodles to break them apart. Add flavoring packet to your tastes. (Be careful not to burn your tongue if testing the broth)

Crack your preferred amount of eggs on top making sure not to break your yolks.

Cover your bowl again, make sure the cover is very secure this time or the eggs will not cook correctly. Microwave an additional 2 minutes.

Leave in microwave 1 min for the eggs to set. If eggs still appear slightly runny or undercooked for your preference, cook an additional 30 seconds until they are properly poached.

Enjoy! It may not look the best or photograph all that well but I can’t get enough of the stuff, especially when using very fresh eggs. It is like a noodle soup, egg drop soup, and poached eggs all in one meal.


Merry Christmas!!

I spent my holiday sawing trees and playing with the animals. In other words, I couldn’t be happier with how I spent the day. The dogs got bones, the cats treats, and the birds all got mealworms – their favorite.

I’m planning to resume backlogged posts tomorrow. The farm is always busier around the holidays it seems.

Happy Turkey Day!

Today, the farm took a break for a very non-traditional Thanksgiving dinner; Prime rib and Butternut squash soup! It was lovely and now I need to find a recipe for butternut squash soup that I like for future samplings. It was a quiet sit down at a local restaurant with just my immediate family, we all left feeling extremely full and glad we decided not to cook this year. Next year, the farm is hoping to have fresh pasture raised turkey to offer.

Hope you all had an equally enjoyable Thanksgiving and keep safe tomorrow on your Black Friday endeavors.

Part Two

The first thing we did after the move was get right to work putting up a decent fence.

It took days to clear the fence line we wanted and then we passed the torch on to the professional (He is located in Salt Springs, FL) whom built it by himself with very minimal tools. Each post was manually dug and buried without anything gas powered unless you count his pickup. Somehow, it still only took him about 2 weeks while working off and on.



The posts arrived in one piece.



Fence in progress. (It was raining a lot at the time).



Before and After wire.


In the end it was all well worth it for the sense of security and boundaries that a fence creates. The birds were happy to be out of their pen and the rapidly growing puppies were delighted to have that kind of freedom and exercise. Not only that, but my canvas now had a beautiful and sturdy frame for me to paint within. Now if only the neighbors who just moved in after I bought the place would keep their dogs under control, everything would be perfect. (Already they keep digging under my brand new fence, liberating my own dogs in the process).

Part One

Tonight, I’d like to go back to when most of the chaos started; I had finally sold my home.

I had to quickly load all of my animals and move them to a temporary location before we closed on the sale. I have the most wonderful family as they opened up their home and farm to me and my critters. The only downside was a lack of any internet or phone access during the several months I stayed there. The only access to the outside world was when I was at work or working on my own farm and unfortunately, those were inherently busy times. I spent most of them catching up with friends and paying bills online.

During this period, my family experienced several losses. I will not go into too much detail but several family members were lost, one after another. I am still struggling to process even one of those losses, but life is funny and sure knows how to throw you a curve ball. My Australian Shepherd Raven surprised me with 7 gorgeous puppies; 2 merle girls, 3 merle boys, 1 black bi boy, and 1 black tri boy. Remember that amazing family? They all pitched in with puppy chores and socialization. I don’t think I could have ever done it without them with everything that was going on.

Then it was time to move everyone again, plus the new additions….

Move Update

I know I promised a rather large update “soon”. A lot in my life suddenly changed unexpectedly in ways that threatened the farm’s future. Thankfully, with a lot of buckling down and careful planning we have found stability now and will not have to sell off or rehome any animals but plans to expand have been put on hold.

I will be backdating a lot of news from the past few months bit by bit over the coming weeks starting with one tomorrow.