Part Four

Double post! Because I felt like it.

We continued our focus on the house. First, wiring in a new thermostat as we soon discovered in the sweltering heat that the old one was shot and not telling the A/C to turn on. Instructions were pretty straight forward after the man who insisted on not reading them finally got frustrated enough to leave. Funny how well it goes when you stop trying to just guess from looking at pictures.


“R” means “Red” – “Are you sure?” “Yes” “Did you label these right?” “Yes, I followed the instructions.”

We wired it correctly for our system (but this picture may be from the process and therefor not the right wiring), he just kept skipping the page on programming the thermostat.


Once that was done, we now had A/C for carpet and upholstery cleaning and eesh! Boy did it need it! After these pictures, I started using a strainer so it wouldn’t clog the bathtub with the nastiness this machine got up.


Once the nice clean carpet was bone dry, I went to Ikea for the bed of my dreams (this is it just before I finished the second row of supports, I *love* these drawers). I’m also so glad to be rid of box springs for the first time in my life.


Last but not least, the rabbits now had the beginnings of their own home!

There is just one last backlogged post after this one, after that – everything is all caught up to everyday on goings.


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