Part Two

The first thing we did after the move was get right to work putting up a decent fence.

It took days to clear the fence line we wanted and then we passed the torch on to the professional (He is located in Salt Springs, FL) whom built it by himself with very minimal tools. Each post was manually dug and buried without anything gas powered unless you count his pickup. Somehow, it still only took him about 2 weeks while working off and on.



The posts arrived in one piece.



Fence in progress. (It was raining a lot at the time).



Before and After wire.


In the end it was all well worth it for the sense of security and boundaries that a fence creates. The birds were happy to be out of their pen and the rapidly growing puppies were delighted to have that kind of freedom and exercise. Not only that, but my canvas now had a beautiful and sturdy frame for me to paint within. Now if only the neighbors who just moved in after I bought the place would keep their dogs under control, everything would be perfect. (Already they keep digging under my brand new fence, liberating my own dogs in the process).


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