Progress is Being Made

A lot has been done, the yellow jackets finally all died off after being under glass for a week so I went to dig up their nest and discovered it was a lot bigger than expected….



A loooooooooooooooooooooot bigger than expected.

Here’s some closer detail pictures. In the first one you can still see chunks of comb mixed in with sand, there is still a LOT left still buried. If I sink my shovel in the ground it moves as if it was spongy. One of the queens is in the last picture. I am trying to figure out how to remove the remaining comb as this area needs to be solidified as a building is going right where the nest is and it makes the ground weak. It almost feels bouncy when you walk on it.



In less creepy news.

The last of the garbage has been picked up, which was an additional 4 bags, a full can of paint, and a tire. I plan to take the last of it to the landfill tomorrow, good riddance to (literally) bad rubbish.



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